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Privacy Policy

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Capella The Club Residences Singapore respects your right to privacy and we place the utmost importance in safeguarding any information that is shared with us by our guests. Capella The Club Residences Singapore Privacy Policy has been created in order to better familiarise you with how we manage the information collected from hotel guests as well as guests of Capella Hotel Singapore (collectively referred to as "Guests") and website visitors, and the way in which we use this information to further serve the needs of our guests and enhance the Capella experience.


Personal information means any information that may be used to identify your or your company, including (but not limited to) your name, e-mail address, street address, telephone number, occupation, and/or industry.


Capella The Club Residences Singapore is a subsidiary of Capella Hotel Group LLC. Capella Hotel Group operates a collection of luxury hotel properties in the United States and abroad. This Privacy Policy is for Singapore and it applies to personal data that is collected, stored, disclosed and/or processed by Capella The Club Residences Singapore.

This Policy is based on the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) and all the associated regulations and guidelines which may from time to time be issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) of Singapore. Personal data collected, used and managed outside of Singapore, will be subject to the different privacy laws governing the respective regions.

For more information on the governing standards of the PDPA, please refer to http://www.pdpc.gov.sg/. By entering the Capella The Club Residences Singapore website and/or submitting your personal data, you agree to the terms set out in this Policy, which covers how we collect, use, share, and store your personal data. With the exception of guests who opt out or have indicated otherwise, consent is given to Capella The Club Residences Singapore and its related corporations, as well as their respective representatives and agents to collect, use, disclose and share amongst themselves personal data collected for purposes reasonably required by Capella The Club Residences Singapore and its representatives to provide the services requested by the guest, or as set out in the applicable law and the PDPA.

Personal data that is collected and stored in jurisdictions outside of Singapore may, subject to the applicable Singapore laws, be transferred to and used by Capella The Club Residences Singapore. In like manner, personal data that is collected or stored by Capella The Club Residences Singapore may, subject to applicable Singapore laws, be transferred to and used by Capella The Club Residences Singapore and its representatives outside of Singapore. All personal data collected by and transferred to Capella The Club Residences Singapore will be done in accordance to the PDPA.


For all personal data collected and/or transferred to Capella The Club Residences Singapore, Capella The Club Residences Singapore ensures that it fully complies with the provisions of the PDPA and only deals with the data to fulfill its obligations under the contract. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Effective service delivery to ensure that all needs and requests made by each guest is accurately and efficiently attended to
  • Marketing efforts for notifications of any special events or promotions related to Capella The Club Residences Singapore and its subsidiaries
  • Security purposes and verification of identity and reservation confirmation
  • Processing and responding to guest enquiries
  • Facilitating and enhancing guests’ experiences or provide goods and services;
  • Processing purchase or credit transactions
  • Market research purposes to better understand our guest preferences and improve guest experiences


Capella The Club Residences Singapore and Capella Hotel Group website…


Collecting Domain Information, Cookies and Tracking Technology:

Like most commercial websites, Capella The Club Residences Singapore automatically logs all traffic to and from our website. These logs include domain information that helps us to learn about the online behavior of guests, including how often they visit the Capella The Club Residences Singapore website, and where on the site they go most often. This information is used to improve our website's content and navigation for guests.

Cookies are used once a guest visits the Capella The Club Residences Singapore website. These cookies enable us to track usage patterns, enforce security, and offer additional customised content. A cookie is a small text file that our server places on your computer hard drive as a unique identifier. As a default setting, our cookies do not have an expiration date and they will not collect any personally identifiable information.

Cookies can be blocked by adjusting the settings on your Internet browser. Please understand, however, that rejecting cookies will affect your ability to use certain features on the website.


Our website contains hyperlinks to other sites. Note, however, that we do not share personal information with any of these sites, and we are not responsible for their content and/or privacy policies. (See "Hyperlinks Notice" under "Use".)

Web Enquiries and RFP Forms:

When submitting a request or making a purchase, such as vouchers on the Capella The Club Residences Singapore website, you will be asked to complete a form that includes your contact information and payment information. All information captured is secure. Information such as credit card numbers is protected with the utmost sophisticated encryption technology available and is transmitted through a private network. Purchasing transactions are facilitated by third party processors who are required by contract with us to protect the privacy of your personal data.

A log of all transactions on our website, not including your credit card number, connected to your request will be kept. This information will be used to assist in any inquiries or transactions. Over time, information collected from various web visitors will be combined in a way that does not identify any user, in order to identify user patterns.

When making a reservation at Capella The Club Residences Singapore or its subsidiaries…

Reservations can be made via our website reservations portal, over the phone by calling our Reservations Agents or through Travel Agents, Online Booking Agents and email.

If you are staying at Capella The Club Residences Singapore, prior to your arrival, you will be contacted by our Residence Manager either through a phone call or email for additional details on your stay, including your preferences and arrival/departure times. The default pre arrival contact method will be via a phone call unless otherwise specified.

As a guest of Capella The Club Residences Singapore, Capella Singapore or its related subsidiaries…

During your stay, we record your itemised spending and transactions at all outlets at Capella The Club Residences Singapore to properly assemble your guest profile, which will be included with your room rate and other expenses billed to your room. This information is recorded to comply with financial reporting requirements, including those imposed by our auditors and government regulators. Capella The Club Residences Singapore may also collect certain information as required by local governing laws (e.g. travel document numbers). Information related to your visit may also be collected (e.g. health issues, payment difficulties, special requests, service issues, visas). All stay related information is stored in the hotel management system at Capella The Club Residences Singapore and will be combined with information from previous visits that you have made. Certain information pertaining to your service preferences may also be made available to other hotels and resorts under the Capella Hotel Group. You may advise Capella The Club Residences Singapore if you do not want personal preferences shared.

In addition, any documents (including letters, comment cards, electronic documents such as e-mails and other similar forms of communication) that are sent to Capella The Club Residences Singapore before, during or following your stay may be retained by the hotel. This information may be shared within the employees of the hotel and relevant partners.



Sharing of information with affiliates…

Capella The Club Residences Singapore may share your information with its affiliates. Affiliates refer to all entities managed by, or under common management with Capella Hotel Group LLC. Only relevant and necessary information pertaining to uses such as guest preferences for enhancing guest experiences and service as well as health and safety concerns of guests will be shared with Capella The Club Residences Singapore’s affiliates.

Sharing of information with third parties…

Agents, contractors or third party service providers of Capella The Club Residences Singapore may receive your personal data in the course of rendering services to Capella The Club Residences Singapore as a part of fulfilling the services for a guest of Capella The Club Residences Singapore. Using contractual or other legally binding arrangements, Capella The Club Residences Singapore ensures these third party organisations protect your personal data in a manner consistent with the principles set out in this Policy.

Capella The Club Residences Singapore does not rent or sell personal information that any guest has shared. We will only share personal data about you outside Capella Hotel Group without your consent, where: (a) it is required or authorised by law (e.g. in response to a legal subpoena); (b) it is required to provide you with services you have requested prior in which case you will be considered to have implied your consent (e.g. limousine disposals, babysitting services); (c) if your stay has been paid for by a third party, billing information will be provided to the paying party; (d) there is any failure to make payment to any Capella Hotel Group property.

If there is any suspicion of unlawful activity taking place, Capella The Club Residences Singapore may investigate and/or report its findings or suspicions to the police or any other relevant law enforcement agency.

Third parties (for example, your travel agent or online booking agent) may give you the option to upload certain information onto their own service. If you choose to share your personal data, you will be granting your third party provider the right to store, access, disclose and use your personal data in the ways described in such third party's terms and privacy policy.


All personal data collected will be stored for the period of time as required in accordance with the laws governing Singapore. Personal data may be stored indefinitely by Capella The Club Residences Singapore as long as there is a reasonable business purpose for doing so. Periodically we may dispose of your personal data if you have not stayed with us in a number of years.


You may at any time request to access or correct/update your information by contacting our Data Protection Officer through the following channels:


Mail: Attn Data Protection Officer, 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297

Pursuant to the PDPA guidelines, not all information that we have collected and stored may be available for review.


If you do not want your personal data to be shared among affiliates or associated partners of Capella The Club Residences Singapore, you may choose to opt-out of such information by contacting our Data Protection Officer at the aforementioned address.

You may unsubscribe from our email marketing database at any point in time, however should you withdraw your consent for only a limited purpose, such as for marketing or for a specific category of marketing, Capella The Club Residences Singapore may still contact you or use your information for other purposes of which you have not withdrawn your consent. Likewise, such personal data may still be shared and used, as permitted under the PDPA and other applicable local laws and regulations.


We reserve the right to periodically review and amend this Policy. All changes made will be updated on our website at www.capellaclubresidences.com. We encourage you to review this Policy for changes on a regular basis.

Changes to this Policy will not apply retroactively to any personal data acquired and for which you have given explicit consent prior to the change to the Policy, except as may be required by law. Should at any point in time your personal data is required to be used in a manner different from what is stated in this Policy, you will be notified by letter or e-mail sent to your last known address. If you do not consent to the different way we intend to use personal data, you may inform our Data Protection Officer in writing. If no objection is received, you will be deemed to have granted consent to the use of your personal data in the changed manner.


Please email questions or concerns about our collection, use or disclosure of your personal information to [email protected]